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Work Up an Appetite
Work Up an Appetite

Work Up an Appetite

A visit to the casino is always worth your while. Even if you just want to give yourself a culinary treat in an amazing setting. And because, as everyone says, anticipation is half the fun, you can take a look at our menu before you visit. Please note that we vary our menu to benefit from seasonal fresh produce.

Joker’S Classics                           

Joker’S Salad

A composition of fresh mixed Salads with our special House Dressing
with Cherry Tomatoes, Chive Cream and Garlic Toast either served with:

* sautéed Fillet of Argentinean Beef    
* Stripes of Fillet of Chicken Breast     
* 3 Prawns pan-fried with Herbs    
   as requested we will charge for additionally served Prawn per piece


21,50 Euro
15,50 Euro
21,50 Euro
 à 4,50 Euro

♣  ♦  ♥  ♠                          

Carpaccio served as you are in Italy...
from the Fassona Piemontese Beef (ca. 100g) with Capers and sautéed Artichokes

18,00 Euro

Tartare of Salmon with Potato Pancake and Lime flavoured Crème fraîche

Smaller Portion

17,50 Euro

14,50 Euro

Tartar Steak Käfer’S Style
dressed on our Style with roasted Bread

18,50 Euro

♣  ♦  ♥  ♠                          

Jokers’S Veal Schnitzel „Vienna Style“
with fried Potatoes and a Cucumber Salad

27,00 Euro

Jokers’S crispy halfed Duck with Marjoram Sauce
creamy Sweetheart Cabbage, Terrine of Pretzel Quenelles and Apple Sauce
For 2 People we will carve a whole Duck at the table

27,50 Euro
per Person
27,50 Euro

Joker’S Soups


Spicy Tomato Soup served with a Parmesan Chip

6,50 Euro

Asian Style Poultry Consommé served with Udon and Shiitake

8,50 Euro


Joker’S Starters

Gazpacho Andalouz served with a “Barco de Verduras” and air-dried Ham

  12,50 Euro

Papaya-Asparagus-Salad served with a fried Scallop
Yuzu Pearls and Sushi Rice

18,50 Euro

Veal Carpaccio and Avocado Tatar
served with Argentinean wild fished Prawns


17,00 Euro


Joker’S & Haink’s Truffles and Vegetarian

Truffled Noodles served in a white Alba Truffles Sauce
and shaved Summer Truffles
Regular Portion Lunettes
Smaller Portion Lunettes

22,90 Euro
18,00 Euro

Aquarello Risotto with Leeks "al Tartufo" served with shaved Summer Truffles
as requested we will serve the Risotto additionally with 2 fried King Prawns

19,50 Euro
25,00 Euro

Joker’S Fish

Cordon bleu of wild fished Salmon
served with a “Leipziger Allerlei” and a Sauce of Field Herbs

26,00 Euro

Best of Sea and Lake
King Prawn, Scallop, wild fished Salmon and Masurian Pikeperch
served with a Chorizo spiced Olive Oil, Vegetables and a Saffron Risotto

28,00 Euro

Joker’S Main Dishes

Fried French Chicken Breast in a crispy Breading
served with a Potato-and-Purslane-Salad sautéed Chanterelles
and a Mustard Mayonnaise

24,00 Euro

Veal Entrecôte and Octopus
served on Ligurian Style mashed Potatoes with smoky spiced Olive Oil

29,00 Euro

Lamb Chops Provence Style served with Chanterelles, Artichokes sautéed Summer Vegetables and Rosmary spiced Potatoes


34,00 Euro

Steaks & More

We want to serve you a perfect grilled Steak accompanied by your choice of Side Dishes.
To enjoy the excellent quality of the Meat at the best we can recommend ordering the meat Rare Medium Rare or Medium.

Argentinean Black Angus Beef Fillet ca. 120 g Gross Weight

 22,00 Euro

Argentinean Black Angus Beef Fillet ca. 200 g Gross Weight

alternatively served with Pepper-Cream Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce or homemade Herb Butter

32,00 Euro


          Side Dishes
          French fries served in a Basket3,50 Euro
          Rosemary Potatoes4,00 Euro
          Potatoes au Gratin with Parmesan4,50 Euro
          Sautéed Vegetables5,00 Euro
          mixed Leaf Salad4,00 Euro
          Cucumber Salad4,00 Euro
          additional Sauce1,50 Euro

Chateaubriand of Black Angus Beef for 2
(Gross Weight ca. 500 g Fillet of Beef) with Béarnaise Sauce,
Pepper Cream Sauce and Vegetables served with French fries,
Rosemary Potatoes, Potatoes au Gratin with Parmesan or Potato Dippers

per Person
39,50 Euro

Joker’S Cheese 

A Selection of International Cheese from the "Tölzer Kasladen"
with Figs Sauce and Grapes

14,50 Euro

Joker’S Dessert

Crêpe Suzette with Oranges and Vanilla Ice Cream

10,20 Euro

Grandmas Strawberry Platter – fresh Strawberries
with Orange flavoured Sugar Fruit Coulis, Cream,
Grand Marnier and Vanilla Ice Cream
11,50 Euro

Bourbon Vanilla flavoured Crème brûlée
served with Gerd Käfer’S Ice Cream Selection

11,90 Euro

Warm Chocolate Cake with a molten Core
served with a Lemon Grass Espuma a Chili spiced Cherry Compote
and a Vanilla Ice Cream

12,80 Euro

Käfer’S fine Tartes with Vanilla Ice Cream
     Please ask your waiter for our recommendation of the day.

7,90 Euro

Cover for Bread, Pretzel, Butter and Tyrolean Ham per Person à 2.20 Euro
 - will be served without order -


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