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Our goals are to make you feel comfortable, to spend enjoyable hours with you, and to make you keep us in good memory.
Therefore, we would like to ask you for a little favor: Please take part in our short test the next time you visit our casino. Just be honest!

Our little self-check is made up of 9 questions:

  • Do your thoughts frequently revolve around gambling, e.g. around new winning strategies or plans of how to raise money?
  • Have you already tried to gamble less or control your gambling behavior and found it difficult?
  • Has your gambling behavior ever lead to problems in your relationship with people close to you?
  • Have you ever tried to gamble more often or longer to get just as excited as the last time?
  • Have you tried to hide your gambling behavior from other people?
  • Have you ever felt uneasy or stressed when you had little or no chance to gamble?
  • Was there a point when started to gamble more frequently because you were hoping to make up for gambling debts?
  • Have you ever done something illegal to gain money for gambling?
  • Has someone ever paid your gambling debts because you were in a desperate financial situation?

If you have answered one or more questions with "yes", you should be aware that your gambling behavior could be deemed critical or even problematic!

Click the following link to take part in an interactive self-test and assess your personal gambling behavior. At the end, you will receive detailed feedback.

The used reflective questions are the property of the website
These questions are used with the friendly permission of BZgA (German Federal Centre for Health Education).

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