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Work Up an Appetite
Work Up an Appetite

Work Up an Appetite

A visit to the casino is always worth your while. Even if you just want to give yourself a culinary treat in an amazing setting. And because, as everyone says, anticipation is half the fun, you can take a look at our menu before you visit. Please note that we vary our menu to benefit from seasonal fresh produce.


OUR Classic "New Style"

Joker’S Salad

A composition of seasonal Salads, Lambs Lettuce and Wild Herbs
with our special House Dressing served with roasted Sunflower Seeds
Flax Seeds, Currants and dried Rasberries either served with:
* Fillet of Beef Stripes with Beet Root and Tartare Sauce   
* fried Dices of French Corn Poulard and sweet Chili Sauce 
* grilled King Prawns with a Lime flavoured Crème fraîche


24,50 Euro
17,00 Euro
22,00 Euro

♣  ♦  ♥  ♠                          


Tartar of raw and marinated Norwegian Salmon
with Potato Pancake and Lime flavoured Crème fraîche
Smaller Portion


18,00 Euro
15,00 Euro


Carpaccio of Fassona Piemontese Beef (ca. 100 g)
with Ligurian Capers and grilled Italian Mini Artichokes


served with roasted Swiss crusty Bread
with 100 g    
with 140 g    


19,50 Euro


19,50 Euro
25,00 Euro

♣  ♦  ♥  ♠                       



Jokers’S Veal Schnitzel „Vienna Style“
with fried Potatoes and a Cucumber Salad

27,00 Euro

Johannisberger Paillard of Veal with a Lemon-and-Capers-Sauce
refinished with a Schloss Johannisberger Gelblack - served with Tagliatelle
Drink the wine you cook with...
2017 Domäne Schloss Johannisberger Riesling Gelblack Trocken



Jokers’S crispy halfed Duck with Marjoram Sauce,
Sweetheart Cabbage and Terrine of Pretzel Quenelles
For 2 People we will carve a whole Duck at the table


27,00 Euro

0,2 l 12,00 Euro
0,75 l 43,50 Euro

per Person
29,50 Euro




Joker’S Soups

Pumpkin and Coco Soup

9,00 Euro

Asia Hot Bowl - Japanese Yuzu-Dashi-Brew
served with Vegetables, Shii Take and Sprouts
additionally served with spicy Tuna

9,00 Euro
15,00 Euro


Joker’S Starters

North Italy at its best...
Borgoluce Mozzarella, "Agazan" Olive Oil, Olivetti Tomatoes and a Wild Herb Salad

17,00 Euro

Vitello Tonnato "Haink Style" with spicy Tuna and Ligurian Capers

18,00 Euro

Slices of medium done Sirloin served with Tartare Sauce
a green Herb Sauce, Mustard Caviar and sauté Potatoes

16,00 Euro

Joker’S & Pasta and more...

Truffled Noodles served in a white Alba Truffles Sauce and shaved Summer Truffles
Regular Portion Noodles
Smaller Portion Noodles

24,00 Euro
19,00 Euro

Tortellini di Valeggio al Radú di Manzo
served with shaved Grana Padano and Sage spiced Butter


17,00 Euro

Joker’S Fish

Cod Fish served in a Coco-Lime-Stock with Soja Pak Choi and Udon Noodles

Our Special For 2: Whole Sea Bass cooked in a Salt Crust
served with an Herb spiced Olive Oil, Vegetables and an Artichoke Risotto

28,00 Euro
per person
33,00 Euro

King Prawn and Queen Scallop served with Orange spiced Couscous
Barberries and a Herb spiced Olive Oil
served a smaller Portion

29,00 Euro
19,00 Euro

Joker’S Main Dishes

Loin of Lamb (ca. 160g Gross Weight) served with a Café de Paris Crust
Edamame and Ricotta and Spinach stuffed Quadroni Pasta

29,00 Euro

Saddle of Veal "au Four" served wirh sautéed green Asparagus
and Tyrolean Sytle Potatoes with Bacon

28,00 Euro

"300" Anchorena Beef Sirloin Steak (ca. 300g gross weight)
served with a Bull´s Eye Barbecue Sauce, Sweet Potatoes au Gratin and Coleslaw

29,00 Euro

OUR BLACK ANGUS BEEF FILLET served with Herb Butter or a Peppercorn
-Cassis-Cream sautéed Vegetables and Potatoes au Gratin with Parmesan

as Fillet ca. 120 g Gross Weight
as Fillet ca. 200 g Gross Weight
alternatively served with Pepper-Cream, Béarnaise Sauce or homemade Herb Butter

26,00 Euro
36,00 Euro

Chateaubriand of Black Angus Beef for 2
(Gross Weight ca. 500 g Fillet of Beef) with Béarnaise Sauce,
Pepper Cream Sauce and Vegetables served with French fries,
Rosemary Potatoes, Potatoes au Gratin with Parmesan.

per Person
39,00 Euro

Joker’S Cheese 

A Selection of International Cheese from the "Tölzer Kasladen"
with Figs Sauce and Grapes

14,50 Euro

Joker’S Dessert

Apple-Raisins-and-Hazelnut Crumble
served with a roasted Almonds Ice Cream

9,50 Euro

Bourbon Vanilla flavoured Crème brûlée
served with Fontanellas Ice Cream Quintet

11,90 Euro

PICADO - Chocolate Cube with a Hazelnut-Milk-Cream and
Apricot Compote Filling

11,80 Euro

Warm Chocolate Cake with a molten Core served with a Lemongrass Espuma
a Mango-Granadilla-Ragout and a Mango Sherbet

12,80 Euro

Käfer’S fine Tartes with Vanilla Ice Cream
Please ask your waiter for our recommendation of the day.

7,90 Euro

Cover for Bread, Pretzel, Butter and Tyrolean Ham per Person à 2.90 Euro
 - will be served without order -


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